About Us

Umildo is a brainchild of MG Apparels.


From mindful yoga to heart-pumping court sports, nurture your kids' health and wellbeing post-pandemic, looking to #beyondtheipads and helping your young ones embrace the #alldayactive lifestyle as the next step into a healthy and vibrant future with Umildo.

Umildo is an online kids activewear brand born out of the need of balancing our kid’s academic and digital lives with a breath of fresh air and a good old fashioned run in the park.

Introducing kids to an active lifestyle and fitness regimes early on is more crucial than ever in the era of Netflix and chill. With Umildo, prepare your young ones to embrace an all day active lifestyle with performance clothing to keep them always in the mindset for a hop, skip and jump.

Umildo is about modern lifestyle, functionality and versatility as a core component in design and materials combined with trendy, funky and GenZ certified on-point aesthetics aimed to be an affordable, all day, performance enhanced clothing line for kids between the age of 2-14.

We believe that kids are becoming more aware of the presence of social media and personal image is more important than ever. With Umildo we hope to boost the confidence of tweens and help them express their identities, as they enter a new phase with us having their backs while they sweat it out. The way forward is health, fitness and Umildo.